Created by Three Moms

...who happen to be a Stanford-trained dermatologist, an MIT engineer and an entrepreneur.

We created the Quitch product line with our own families in mind. Our products are science-backed and made with natural ingredients so you can feel good about putting them on your loved ones.

Our ethos is to keep it simple for Moms. Effective products that are easy to use.

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Bugs Bite.

Literally. But don't let them ruin your vaca...or that special day...or a fun get together with family and friends. Treat your bug bites to a quitch sticker and you won't need to give them a second thought.

Stick it and forget it

Stick on a quitch sticker and it'll last through snorkeling, showers, and sleep until your bug bite is gone.

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Dermatologist engineered

Targeted tactile grip on bug bites to both soothe and stay on.

Patent pending technology

Developed using a patented hydrocolloid base to suck up all the bad stuff from bug bites.

Researched and Tested

Lab tests show that Quitch bug balm performed better than repellent with 7% DEET.

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Plant Based Repellent Powered by Geraniol

Quitch Bug Balm is a bug spray alternative without having to breathe in harsh chemicals. It is DEET-free and include geraniol which is a naturally occurring substance found in plants.

Lab tests show that Quitch bug balm performed better than repellent with 7% DEET.

Naturally Derived Ingredients

We thought it was important to include ingredients that you can pronounce.

Made in the USA

You can be sure you're getting a quality product since quitch sticker is made right in your own backyard.

FSA Eligible

Stop scratching that bug bite, Quitch it don't itch it.

Stop breathing in pesticides

We've got you covered.  Just dab Quitch Bug Balm on exposed area and you're good to go!

Ingredients found in nature

With geraniol, citronella and peppermint, we're here to help you enjoy nature naturally.

Travel friendly, easy to use balm stick

For those on the go, our bug balm comes in a hand easy to use stick form that you can throw in your bag for all types of adventures.

"quitch sticker is awesome. My kids always ask for it now with every bug bite!"

— Julie from California

Infused with all natural goodness

Made with three ingredients. Aloe vera, witch hazel and hydrocolloid. THAT'S IT!

I hate how bug bites leave dark marks on my skin.

"Quitch stickers really helped me, I'm so grateful!"

— Shefali from Maryland

What bug bite?

"I hate how I accidentally brush a mosquito bite and it's like igniting a flame. These totally help me forget it's even there."

— Stephanie from Arizona

Makes it so easy.

"It's not messy and has no chemicals, so I don't have to worry. I can just stick it and move on with my day."

— Allison from North Carolina

Women Owned Small Business Certified

We make products for our own families.

We know it's hard dealing with bug bites, whether it's on you or your loved ones. Avoid the itchy aftermath and apply a quitch sticker as quickly as possible.

The quicker you quitch, the quicker you can get back to your day.

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Bug bite stickers in action