Quitch Sticker - Mosquito Bug Bite Relief

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Stop itching those mosquito bites with Quitch stickers. Get rid of those mosquito bites with this mess-free all-natural treatment. Quitch stickers are designed to bring you fast bug bite relief with natural ingredients. Get rid of the appearance of mosquito bites and scars fast with Quitch sticker.

• Get rid of bug bites fast

• Natural bug bite relief with Aloe and Witch Hazel

• Water resistant, transparent + travel-ready

• Leave on a few hours, overnight, or even a few days

• Works on just about any body part: arms, legs, face, or the dreaded back of the knee - you name it

Quitch Sticker - Mosquito Bug Bite Relief

Quitch Sticker - Mosquito Bug Bite Relief


Medication-Free All Natural Goodness

Infused with Aloe and Witch Hazel

We know it's hard dealing with bug bites, whether it's on you or your loved ones. Avoid the itchy aftermath and apply a quitch sticker as quickly as possible. The quicker you quitch it, the quicker you can get back to your day.

Patent Pending Technology

Soothe those bug bites with science backed relief

Made in the USA

You can be sure you're getting a quality product since quitch sticker is made right in your own backyard.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Vegan. No Latex. No Medication

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Created by Three Moms

...who happen to be a Stanford-trained dermatologist, an MIT engineer and an entrepreneur.

Quitch stickers are made with natural ingredients so you can feel good about putting them on your loved ones. They were specifically designed to be a mess-free way to calm bites quickly.

Read more about our story here.

Dermatologist Engineered

Soothes and shields

Quitch stickers grips each bug bite and relieves swelling irritation while providing a layer of protection.

Absorbs the bad stuff

The natural-ingredient-infused hydrocolloid helps draw out fluids and which helps to reduce swelling.

Reduces swelling

Soothing ingredients coupled with the pressure from the sticker make bug bites manageable.


"quitch sticker is awesome.

My kids always ask for it now with every bug bite!"

- Julie from California

"quitch sticker is awesome.

My kids always ask for it now with every bug bite!"

- Julie from California

I hate how bug bites leave dark marks on my skin.

Quitch stickers really helped me, I'm so grateful!"

— Shefali from Maryland

What bug bite?

I hate how I accidentally brush a mosquito bite and it's like igniting a flame. These totally help me forget it's even there."

— Stephanie from Arizona

Makes it so easy.

It's not sticky and has no chemicals, so I don't have to worry. I can just stick it and move on with my day."

— Allison from N. Carolina