Bug Repellent Patch

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Bugs are no match for the patch!

Quitch Mosquito Patches is a bug spray alternative without having to breathe in harsh chemicals. It’s simple. Just stick on a patch for protection. They are DEET-free and include geraniol and peppermint that interact with binding proteins in the insects’ antennae.

How does that help? It disguises the carbon dioxide that humans breathe out, which is what attracts the insects in the first place.

When you notice the scent has faded, discard the sticker and replace.

Bug Repellent Patch

Bug Repellent Patch


Hello Geraniol!

Our repellent patches features the all natural geraniol. Geraniol is an all natural substance found in plants that helps them protect themselves from insects.

Lab tests show that Quitch bug balm performed better than repellent with 7% DEET.

Plant Powered

All natural repellent, geraniol.


Free of DEET and other pesticides.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Vegan. No Latex.

Created by Three Moms

...who happen to be a Stanford-trained dermatologist, an MIT engineer and an entrepreneur.

Quitch stickers are made with natural ingredients so you can feel good about putting them on your loved ones. They were specifically designed to be a mess-free way to calm bites quickly.

Read more about our story here.

Dermatologist Engineered


We've done the research. Geraniol has been proven to be twice as effective as citronella.

Pesticide Free

We don't want our kids inhaling pesticide so we made this repellent in a patch form!

Travel Friendly

Throw it in your purse and take it on the go!